Which Restaurant air conditioner is right for you?

Which Restaurant air conditioner is right for you?

Which Restaurant air conditioner is right for you?

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A restaurant’s reputation, as well as the number of repeat clientele it can attract, depends on different interconnecting factors that make up the whole dining experience. Of course the quality of the food is important, but the ambiance of the restaurant also plays a role. Diners expect a comfortable, inviting environment where they can enjoy their food.

Restaurants need both heating and cooling systems to use throughout the year. The most cost effective options are heat pump air conditioners. Unlike some other systems, they provide heating and cooling from the same element. Today’s heat pump air conditioning systems provide an energy efficient way to heat and cool a restaurant during the year.

There are three important criteria in choosing the most efficient unit:
• Appearance
• Energy efficiency
• Type of unit/unit function


It’s important that the chosen A/C unit doesn’t take away from restaurant aesthetics. Therefore, choose a unit that won’t clash with -or look clunkyin- the dining room. A complete A/C range includes floor-mounted units, wall-mounted units, ceiling cassettes, and ceiling-mounted units.

Energy Efficiency

The more energy efficient a system is, the less money it will cost to run it. Modern heat pump air conditioners are very economical as they absorb heat from the air outside, even at low temperatures, while consuming minimal power. The amount of control you have over the system also matters, since the number of customers in the dining room, as well as the outdoor temperature, will vary throughout the day. A DC inverter control is a very responsive and efficient way to control the A/C system.

Split System

Which Restaurant air conditioner is right for you?

As suggested by the name, split system air conditioners are actually multiple units in one; one or more units indoors, and a unit outside of the building. The indoor and outdoor units are connected by pipes. These units, when combined, provide a high level of energy efficiency, especially while heating. Installing these systems requires the expertise of a trained air conditioning engineer. There are air conditioning contractors in London Ontario who can install split system A/C units quickly and cost efficiently.

Packaged Systems

Packaged A/C units are a single indoor unit with an unobtrusive wall connection to the outside of the building. Because of this, you can only mount the unit on exterior walls, thus limiting the places your guests can comfortably sit. However, they combine a highly efficient heat pump with ceramic heaters to give off heat year round and cool air in the warmer months. The biggest upside to this unit is the minimal effort to install it.

Which unit is right for your restaurant? Each one has its pros and cons, so size them up and decide for yourself. Or, you can ask any air conditioning contractors in London Ontario for their expert advice.

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