Executive Recruitment 101: Understanding What Job Recruiters Do

Executive Recruitment 101: Understanding What Job Recruiters Do

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When we are out of work, we look for a job. There are many steps we take when looking for a job like going over our resume, getting ready to go to networking events, and trying to get on the radar of a job recruiter. There are job recruiters in several cities, and they are all looking for different things, depending on the job they are trying to fill. This article give a few ideas on what job recruiters do.


Job Recruiters, Recruit

When we are looking for a job, we put our best foot forward. It is a job recruiter’s job to try to match what the employer is looking for in our job skills. If our skills match then the job recruiter will reach out to get in touch with you to discuss about the job.


 Job Recruiters Can Go Over Your Resume With You

Job recruiters can go over your resume with you. If we need an understanding if our resume is what the employee is looking for, the job recruiter can give you a good critique. It is not that they do this for everyone, we have to get the chance to sit down with a job recruiter and that means reaching out to one. If you get the chance to talk with one, we want one that specializes on the type of job we are looking for.


Job Recruiters, Try to Fill The Job Position

Job recruiters try to fill the job position by sourcing through resumes, setting up interviews and talking with the person to see if they are a good fit for the company. For example, a Toronto job recruiter may want to see if we are comfortable moving to Toronto to work. It is a recruiter’s job to make sure the potential employee is clear about what the job entails.

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