Types of Windows for Your Restaurant

Types of Windows for Your Restaurant

Types of Windows for Your Restaurant

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In the restaurant business, looks can make or break. People go to restaurants not only to eat, but to enjoy the ambiance and the design of the place. The restaurant needs to have a warm, welcoming and open look to it for people to really enjoy their experience. Installing windows can be a big help. They let the light in, as well as give customers a view outside (which is a big plus if your restaurant has a beautiful view). Choosing the right window is crucial, and picking the right people to install windows in Lacombe can make it easier.

Here are a few types of windows and their pros and cons.


These are the common windows that you see which have hinges on either the right or left hand side. They open outward with a slight push or a turn of a handle. They offer excellent ventilation and keep the area inside cool and breezy during a hot day. Edges should be sealed to avoid any air-leakage when you want to keep the temperature inside warm. Since these windows swing out, they need to have a wide space outside so they don’t block the way or make the area feel stuffy.


These windows are similar to casement windows, but they’re hinges are found at the top. When they’re opened, the glass can be used to create shade or even cover people under it from the rain. It’s also a good vent for hot air to escape. Often time, they can be a bit small, but there are some which can be customized to make them bigger.

Picture and Fixed Windows

Picture windows are beautiful, big windows that have big glass areas and minimum frame width. These windows don’t open, making them a good choice for empty walls or areas where you feel needs a fresh, open feel. The glass can even be used as a menu. Write what you’re serving for the day using a washable marker.  Facades of restaurants look beautiful with wide, picture windows that run along the whole wall.  Fixed Windows have a wider frame to them, which lessens the glass area. Ask windows services in Lacombe on which of these windows would look better with your restaurant’s design and architecture.


This window lets you move one of the panels to the side to open it. It’s very easy to open and you don’t need to project it outwards so it doesn’t take up more space. Bigger gliding windows can even be used as emergency exists since people can easily fit into the open side of the window. You can also have screens added to keep pest out, but still have good airflow. The only downside to these windows is that you can only open one side at a time.

Vertical Slider

These are like picture windows but with sliders that you can move up and down to open the window. A spring is hidden in the frame which holds the window in position so it doesn’t close due to gravity. You get a beautiful picture window that opens and lets the air into the space. They are a bit high on maintenance though and may need more support for proper insulation.

Whichever window you choose to have installed for your restaurant, choose the right company to install it for you. Look around for good window services that can help you pick out the right windows for your space, as well as give you quality service. Have them work with you to create that beautiful ambiance and welcoming space for your restaurant.

Types of Windows for Your Restaurant

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