The Important Roles That Pest Control Systems Play In The Food Industry

The Important Roles That Pest Control Systems Play In The Food Industry

The Important Roles That Pest Control Systems Play In The Food Industry

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Several years ago, the concept of utilizing pest control services in Midland Ontario was limited to independent, amateur contractors who utilized various pesticides, rodenticides and a host of other harmful substances to ensure that a food product facility remained free from rodents, birds, insects and a wide assortment of other pests.

Prevention Over Eradication

However, in today’s world that has changed. As far as pest control services in Midland Ontario go, contractors have been essentially replaced by educated pest control management professionals and service technicians, who prioritize prevention over chemical treatments. When you look at this from a distance it makes sense. As opposed to utilizing various chemicals around a food production facility which evidently has some risks that’re associated with that, most professional pest control management companies place a priority on prevention. However, chemicals are still required, so much so that the pest control management business sector spends millions of dollars per year on chemicals.

Risk Of Contamination

The Important Roles That Pest Control Systems Play In The Food Industry

Even though the food industry spends an abundance of money on pest control services, when you look at the amount of diseases that pests have the ability to spread, this comes as no surprise. For example, rats bite approximately 45,000 people per year. They also have the ability to transmit various diseases such as the plague, salmonella, leptospirosis and trichinosis. Meanwhile, files and cockroaches that stroll by raw sewage and other contaminated areas can possibly introduce molds, salmonella, yeasts, e-coli, streptococcus and several other kinds of bacteria into the food that they come in contact with.

Civil And Criminal Penalties

This is the primary reason why every aspect of the food industry is required to implement an effective pest control program. Companies that fail to implement an effective pest control program stand to be subjugated to various civil and potentially criminal consequences which can arise not as a result of a governing body alone, but an individual as well such as a sick worker who filed a lawsuit.

So the question that lies to be answered is whether or not various aspects of the food industry needs an effective pest management program that reduces the instances of utilizing chemical treatment, but rather, what are some characteristics of an effective pest control management plan?

Effective Pest Management Program

An effective pest management program such consist of the utilization of several different kinds of technologically advanced systems that can help to prevent pest contamination such as mechanical traps, outdoor bait stations and UV light traps for example. Additionally, a well integrated pest management program should include several essential elements such as:

  • Monitoring – Regular visual checks should be combined with electronic tracking as far as monitoring trap stations go.
  • Identification – Knowledge surrounding the biology and habits of pest.
  • Inspection/Facility Maintenance – Regularly scheduled inspections that focus on making sure their are no vulnerabilities within the structure where pests could possibly enter.
  • Sanitation – The program should include sanitation procedures for the facility. This is due to the fact that a clean environment makes it particularly difficult for pests to thrive.
  • Documentation – The program should consist of various detailed records such as: inspection reports, insect light traps, rodent activity logs, etc.
  • Communication – Communication between facility management and service technicians is necessary to ensure that if a potential problem arises it will be remedied as soon as possible.

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