Storing Food for the Long Term

Storing Food for the Long Term

Storing Food for the Long Term

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Choosing the Right Unit

This is pretty simple, you have two basic choices, inside or outside? Both have their pros and cons, but only one is the right choice for you. Picking one that suits your needs is imperative to properly storing food in a self-storage unit.

Outside units are, obviously, outside. Meaning they are effected by the elements. So if you live in an area that suffers from rapidly changing weather, outside units may not be good for you. Outside units are also more vulnerable to thieves. There is one type of outside storage that, while more expensive, is certainly convenient and that is mobile storage. The company which you contract with moves a storage unit to your location which you pack and then they take it away to a secure storage facility. However, if you are planning to use the unit merely for storing food you may find having to call for re-delivery to access it a bit tedious.

Storing Food for the Long Term

Inside units are usually a warehouse type structure, with more security and often come with a feature known as climate control. Climate control is your best friend when storing food. It keeps your unit cool, ensuring a safe environment for items such as fine wine or canned goods that could be susceptible to heat, inevitably exploding. If you are looking around for a storage rental in North York or anywhere else for that matter, call ahead and ask what kind of units they offer so you know your options.

What Food to Store

Storing Food for the Long Term

Unfortunately even if you do get an inside unit, it is rare that they come with a plug in. So those plans for the freezer with an entire cow’s worth of meat is sadly out the window. However you have many other options.

Canned goods such as jams, vegetables or canned meat keep well in a self-storage unit. Dry goods such as buckets of grains, wheat, rice or dry pasta are ideal as well. Spices and unopened condiments are also an option.

However you do not want to store any kind of baked goods, meat, fresh or frozen fruit or anything of that sort. A good rule of thumb to follow is when deciding if you want to store it, ask yourself: would I normally store this in my refrigerator, my pantry or the garage.

How to Store Food in a Unit

Storing Food for the Long Term

Never store food in a cardboard box, that alone will draw rats and roaches and that’s the last thing you want in your unit. Also one way to ensure your food stays safe and fresh is to store it in airtight sealed containers. Those are easily attained at your local store and will save you money in the long run. Shelves also help, keep your food at least a foot up off the floor ensuring that it stays dry and away from any unwanted visitors.

With all the benefits of food storage to consider, I’m sure we can all agree that it isn’t so bad to connect with your inner squirrel. Now you can safely store food in a self-storage unit with confidence, armed with the knowledge to make food storage that much easier! All you need to remember is find the unit that’s right for you and choose your food items wisely!

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