Picking a restaurant in an unfamiliar locality should not be a problem. We will teach you here.

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Picking a restaurant in an unfamiliar locality should not be a problem. We will teach you here.

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I love to travel and I also love to eat out. I always make it a point to check out the local cuisine in every place I visit. While before I had to rely on the recommendations of the local residents, who in most cases may not be too knowledgeable about gastronomic matters, now thanks to advances in technology and the valuable assistance of Local SEO Search, I can find the best restaurant through the use of Google Places.

here are the-steps in-finding the best restaurant

For me who was brought up in the analog age, I find these innovations very amazing. Never did I thought that time will come that all I have to do was tap on my cell phone and be able to locate and make reservations in the best restaurant in the locality. This is something new to me and I would like to share this with others who, like me, depend on conventional ways in finding the best restaurant.

Here are the steps in finding the best restaurant by using Google Places from your cell phone.

1. The first step is to press the “Application” icon in your home screen and press the icon on “maps”.

2. Once the maps are loaded, you then press on the places icon and tap “restaurants”. Different places will appear such as coffee shops, pubs, gas stations and other. So if you are planning to have a night out, you may also tap on the other places.

3. When you tap on the “restaurants”, a list will appear along with the addresses, distances, reviews, ratings, and even how to get there.

4. You may further narrow your choices by tapping on the tags shown on the screen. You may want to choose a restaurant that is closer so all you have to do is indicate the distance for your search.

5. From the list of restaurants that appear, you can choose any of those listed and get the details. You will learn their specialty, operating hours, ratings given by experts, parking facilities, and in some cases even the menu.

6. Once you have decided on the restaurant, you can now make your reservation. And to make it more convenient for you, you can also get directions on how to get there.

Isn’t technology just amazing? Now you can prepare for that dinner and hope you have a wonderful time.

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