Learn how you can have the best digestion with a relaxing massage.

Learn how you can have the best digestion with a relaxing massage

Learn how you can have the best digestion with a relaxing massage.

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To my simple thinking, the extraordinary growth in the number of massage clinics is a testament to the benefits that massage therapy may offer a person. I have learned that massage therapy, based on scientific data, contributes hugely in the management of serious medical diseases such as cancer, fibromyalgia, heart-related diseases, and many other more. This is in addition to the recognized benefits that include the promotion of relaxation, relief from pain and muscle soreness, reduction of stress and tension, improvement of joint movement, and boosting of the immune system. While I myself have acknowledged these benefits, it was quite heartening to note that massage therapy can also be of great help in the digestion of foods.

Learn how you can have the best digestion with a relaxing massage

This has greatly caught my interest, especially with my sensitive tummy wherein digestion has been a concern for many years now. While disbelieving at first, I was convinced when I went through the explanations behind the effectiveness of abdominal massage in aiding digestion. Consider the following reasons:

Massage Boosts Metabolism of Nutrients and Antioxidants

Similar to boosting the immune system, massage has also been shown to boost the metabolism of nutrients and antioxidants. With the increased metabolism, toxins are eliminated or neutralized. When this occurs, our digestive system may function to its optimal potential thereby providing maximum digestion of food.

Massage Increases Peristalsis

Sounding alien to me, I had to look up the meaning of peristalsis and was relieved to learn that this is simply the involuntary contraction of the muscles in the intestines. As explained by a health expert, when peristalsis is increased by massage, there will be a smooth movement along the intestines maximizing the digestion process at the same time reducing the chances of constipation.

Massage Promotes Release of Enzymes in the Body

Clinical studies have shown that the release of enzymes in the body is stimulated or encouraged with a massage therapy. Enzymes are very vital in breaking down food we eat, allowing them to be easily absorbed by the body. When this happens, bodily functions are made very efficient, including those under the digestive system.

Massage Reduces Stress and Tension

If these reasons do not convince you then we go to the long-established benefit of massage therapy, which the reduction of stress and tension and promotion of relaxation. As many may have experienced, we seem to have bugs in our tummies when we are under pressure or stress. This is understandable since muscles and tissues around our stomach may be tight, just like all the other muscles in our body. Once these muscles and tissues become relaxed after a massage therapy, then we can expect a smooth function of our body systems, including the very sensitive digestive system.

Experiencing It First Hand

If you are still skeptical even with these very convincing reasons, then there is only one way to find out and it is to have an abdominal massage. It took me an actual session of massage therapy at Body and Soul Therapy to discover that indeed, massage can contribute immensely to the digestion of food.

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