An Apple A Day Keeps Your Teeth Healthy And Bright

An Apple A Day Keeps Your Teeth Healthy And Bright

An Apple A Day Keeps Your Teeth Healthy And Bright

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Anyone who has experienced a terrible tooth ache will agree that their dental health is now at the top of their healthy living priorities. You can certainly avoid any of the agonizing trips to the dentist for a tooth extraction in London Ontario by cleaning your teeth regularly and choosing foods that benefit your teeth. For example, apples.

Apples are like tiny toothbrushes

An Apple A Day Keeps Your Teeth Healthy And Bright

It is true what they say: “An apple a day keeps the dentist away”. For this to be true it is advisable to always have enough apples stored in your fridge. Apples are known to help to clean teeth because of their crunchy nature and rich fiber. For healthier teeth, an apple should be eaten in its raw form and without peeling off its skin. This is because the skin contains a relatively high amount of fiber. The crunchier the apple, the cleaner your teeth get. You may be wondering Why and how does this happen? Well, what most people are not aware of, is that when you chew an apple and it feels crunchy with each bite your teeth get clean. Apples act as tiny toothbrushes that reach areas in your mouth that regular brushes often cannot.

Bright teeth

An Apple A Day Keeps Your Teeth Healthy And Bright

Eating an apple regularly not only cleans teeth but also brightens them due to its natural and mild acidic content. This acid content acts as an astringent substance that is gentle to your teeth and gives you a pearly white smile. The acid and fiber contained in the apple work well together and after a while, you will be free of any stubborn stains on your teeth.

Choosing a good apple

An Apple A Day Keeps Your Teeth Healthy And Bright

Apples are great snacks that are ready to eat for people of all ages. They are good for not only your dental health but also the general health of your body. It is therefore important to know which apples are good while shopping for groceries; being able to spot any indication of damaged or overstayed apples. Choosing a good crunchy apple that is full of flavor has several factors to be considered but the most obvious one is its shape.

A round apple is preferable to the rest as it is assumed to have been picked when still young hence all flavors are still locked inside. These are best types when looking for good apples to eat while raw. Another way you can use to detect a good apple is to squeeze it between the thumb and both the index and middle finger then feel it for any parts that may have softened up.

The most common reason for tooth extraction in London Ontario due to cavities is a regular snacking habit. If you love taking snacks in-between meals and rarely get the chance to brush your teeth, eating an apple as a substitute snack will help reduce the amount of processed sugars and calories you normally take because; apples are rich in fiber and eating them will leave you feeling full for a longer time.

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