Caution Watch Your Step, Personal Injury and Restaurant Liability

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Caution Watch Your Step, Personal Injury and Restaurant Liability

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Today there are over 500,000 restaurants in the United States and Canada. Now think of how many customers frequent these restaurants. Owning a restaurant or catering business can be the dream of every cook. However restaurants and catering businesses know that serving customers comes with its risks. A customer could come in the door and trip over the welcome mat; accidents happen every day. In the food industry there are many types of accidents, most popular being food poisoning, but there is also slips and falls, scalding, broken teeth, choking and even puncture wounds. In the food service business you need to be well prepared for any type of accident. Having general liability insurance is a must to safeguard you food service business. Most people have never really stopped to think about injuries while in a restaurant. But keep in mind that restaurant liability laws are pretty clear.

Personal Injury & Who is Liable

Caution Watch Your Step, Personal Injury and Restaurant Liability

Now a popular claim by customers is slipping and falling, in most cases due to some type of liquid being spilt on the floor. However this is a tricky one. If the spill happens moments before the customer slips, the restaurant is not necessarily liable. An owner cannot have an employee following around every server or customer. However if the spill happened, was noticed but never properly cleaned up and a customer slips, then yes the restaurant is liable. A restaurant must do everything they can to help keep customers safe from injury. When a restaurant does not do what is needed to provide safety for its customers, the restaurant is found negligent.

How To File A Claim

Now after you cut your leg on that old nail under the table how to you prove your claim? Just knowing the law about restaurants is only half of the equation. You have to now prove your claim. As a customer you will need to have a good amount of evidence to prove negligence and also that the negligence was an exact cause of your injury. When you want to file a claim you should have got to the manager while you were still at the restaurant. Have him/her come over and explain what happened. If you are not seriously injured than an ambulance is not needed. However the manager should provide you with basic medical care, as it is a law for restaurants to carry a first aid kit.

Caution Watch Your Step, Personal Injury and Restaurant Liability

How to Prove your Claim

Get the couple from the other table to write down their information and write down what they saw happen. Make sure that your witnesses date and sign their statement. Pictures are worth a thousand words as they say. Photographs are a must, or now a days you can use your cell phone and video record the injury. In doing so make sure that your camera has the time stamp on it as well. Now that you have all of the evidence to present you will want to file your claim.

Speaking to the Insurance Adjuster & Hiring an Attorney

Caution Watch Your Step, Personal Injury and Restaurant Liability

Speak to the insurance adjuster and talk to them about how and why you were injured in the first place. Make sure you tell the insurance company that you have witness statements, photographs, and maybe even video. The insurance adjuster will then have you send him/her all of the evidence you collected, including any emergency room or doctor bills. If you experienced a minor injury like a minor cut by the nail under the table, then hiring an attorney is likely not worth it. You can handle the claim by yourself. There is a personal injury lawyer in Newmarket that can help if need an attorney, as well as many others. But if your injury was serious then it would definitely be in your best interests to hire an attorney. When it’s a serious injury claim there are big medical bills and so forth that will be too much for you to handle. Remember there is a personal injury lawyer in Newmarket just for you.

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