Common Food Products Made from Trees

Common Food Products Made from Trees

Common Food Products Made from Trees

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We greatly appreciate the numerous products we use daily that comes from trees. Aside from producing useful materials like toilet paper and wooden cabinets, to medicine like aspirin, trees can also create delicious snacks such as nuts, fruits, and berries. Most of these common food we wouldn’t know originated from trees.

Regular edible products that comes from trees:

Common Food Products Made from Trees

Maple Syrup – You can pour it over a fluffy stack of pancakes in the morning, maple syrup is considered as a healthy alternative to refined sugar. It is made from the sap of the sugar maple tree. A native Canadian tree that also comes with other species: black maple and silver maple. If you’re interested in making your own maple syrup, look for maple trees for sale in Aurora to add as a natural resource in your yard.

Common Food Products Made from Trees

● Pine nuts – The teardrop-shaped little nuts, pine nuts are a staple treat that is usually added to salads as a crunchy topper and also often used in pesto. They are edible seeds (found in pine cones) harvested from specific pine trees: the Chinese nut pine, Mexican pinon, Italian stone pine, and Colorado pinion.

Common Food Products Made from Trees

● Coffee – The beans you brew from your favorite cup of Joe are the roasted berry seeds from a tree called Coffea. These trees are usually pruned short to aid in harvesting, and can grow more than nine meters high. All commercially grown coffee are from a region called the Coffee Belt. The trees grow better in mild temperature, with rich soil, constant rain, and ample shade.

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● Chocolate – Like coffee, chocolate undergoes food preparation: roasted and ground. It is harvested from the seeds (beans) of the cacao tree. The beans are then fermented, placed in a wooden bin covered in banana leaves. After this, are dried in the sun for about a week. Once dried, they are processed in a factory, where they are turned into delicious bars of chocolate.

Common Food Products Made from Trees

● Cinnamon – Cinnamon is a versatile spice regularly used in the kitchens. It comes from the bark of the cinnamomum burmannii tree. Farmers first shave the outer bark off the tree, then shave off the inner bark (the cinnamon layer). Finally, the cinnamon is dried, naturally curling into “quills.” These quills are cut into sticks or crushed into powder for daily use.

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● Apples – Sweet apples are edible fruits that come from apple trees (Malus pumila). Most apple trees are bred for their taste and use for cooking. Apple breeding is accomplished by grafting: using a different root stock to control the maturity of the tree. Grafted apple trees bear fruit much quicker than those grown from seed.

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● Chewing Gum – Chewing gum has existed since the time of the ancient Greeks. It is commonly made from the resin contained in the bark of the mastic tree. While most of today’s popular gum companies have used synthetic sap as substitute, it all started and evolved from the use of the chicle sap found in sapodilla trees.

Trees remain an invaluable commodity. They contribute to the environment and have continuously provided the world with life-giving resources. Playing a huge role in the community, trees planted in the garden can also benefit everyday life. If you’re looking for trees for sale, Aurora has a number of nurseries from which you can purchase a tree.

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