Five Foods That Help Your Teeth

Five Foods That Help Your Teeth

Five Foods That Help Your Teeth

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Everyone wants white, healthy teeth, but so many things that we eat actively hurt and damage them, leading to gum disease, yellow teeth, cavities, sensitive teeth and worse. We all know that sugary foods are a definite hazard for brilliant white teeth, but are there any foods that will help your teeth?

Actually there are, and they aren’t just boring, tasteless food that will leave you staring at your plate in disgust. Here are five foods that help your teeth and prevent gum disease.

Fresh Fruits and Berries

Fresh fruit is tasty, healthy and full of vitamins that help your teeth, and gums. The large amount of vitamin C found in strawberries, and citrus fruit is particularly good for your teeth, because vitamin C improves your blood flow, and is used in repairing connective tissues, the same tissue which holds your teeth in place. If you have gingivitis, vitamin C helps stop or slow the inflammation, which can stop or at least slow gum disease, until you can get to a dentist.

The high water content of fruit is also very good for your teeth, as you it dilutes the sugars in the fruit itself, and promotes the flow of saliva. Saliva is part of the bodies way to protect your teeth, by naturally washing food particles and acid from food and bacteria away.

Try to avoid dried fruit. Raisins, dried dates, apricots and other dried fruit, don’t have the water to dilute the sugar, and the gummy food sticks to your teeth promoting bacteria and a build up of acids.

A Glass of Water

You knew this was coming, water is great for your teeth.Five Foods That Help Your Teeth

Just like the water in fruit dilutes sugars and promotes saliva, straight water does the same and does a better job. A glass of water during or after a meal, will wash away the sugars and acids that are lodged in your teeth and gums, so your teeth will stay healthier and there is less risk of decay.

Also it keeps your saliva level high. Saliva needs a lot of water, and it’s full of proteins and minerals that are proven cavity fighters. So to prevent gum disease, stop cavities, and to remove acids that will eat away at your teeth, drink water.

Drink Milk

The calcium in milk is well known for helping get healthy teeth in children, but it also helps as you get older. It ensures your jaw bone is healthy, and since your teeth are directly connected to your jaw, this will keep your teeth from loosening due to age and gum disease. Also calcium helps your body fight gingivitis. So more milk is always a good thing.

Fatty Fish

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that is needed by your body to absorb calcium, without it, a lot of the milk you drink will just go to waste. But vitamin D is hard to get from regular food. However fatty fish like salmon and Atlantic mackerel are full of this important vitamin. Even better, unlike most other foods that contain Vitamin D, the fatty fish makes it easy for your body to absorb it. To prevent gum disease, fatty fish should be high on your list of foods.

Eat Some Nuts

Another good source of vitamin D, calcium and other important vitamins and minerals are nuts. Each type of nut provides different benefits. Peanuts are full of calcium and vitamin D, walnuts are powerhouses of nutrients which help your teeth and body, cashews have proteins that help clean your teeth and improve saliva, and almonds are high in calcium. Instead of reaching for chips or candy when you need a snack, getting a bag of nuts deals with your cravings, and helps your teeth, what more can you ask for?

Your diet isn’t just important to help keep your weight down, it’s important for your teeth as well. These five foods help your teeth, but there are many more out there that can help as well. Talk to your Toronto financial district dentist, to learn more and keep your teeth strong and healthy.

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