Eat Right, Smile Bright

Eat Right, Smile Bright

Eat Right, Smile Bright

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Care for your health

At times, we just want to go out and eat what smells good and we don’t even think twice. Caring about your health is essential when it comes to living a long life. Our cholesterol can go up along with our blood pressure just out of the foods we choose. There are always guides for us to look at to help choose healthier meals or snacks.

Eat Right, Smile Bright

Depending on what foods we eat, it can drastically effect our oral health. Our oral health can suffer greatly. Eating too many onions can cause our breath to stink and become very noticeable. Keeping up with all that kind of stuff like how many calories we take in with our daily diet can be difficult. Sometimes there are apps on your smartphone you can download where all you have to input is the foods you have ate that day and they will calculate everything else.

Sometimes it’s worth it to stay out of the doctors office when we get older. Keeping up with our health starting at a young age can help avoid so many visits. Avoiding less doctor visits allows for more money in your pocket. Some ways to keep your oral health good when eating out include bringing some gum with you, using breath strips, and buying a small toothbrush you can fit in your purse for quick touch-ups.


Eat Right, Smile Bright

Choosing healthier meals when eating out is easy too. There are a lot of options but really just making sure you have one color from each food group can be sufficient. For example, green beans, asparagus and pees all come from the “green” group but you don’t have to eat all three to be able to meet the guidelines. Eating just green beans or whatever your favorite vegetable may be will be good enough.

Whole grain is a simplicity as well but could be complicated. Whole grain foods have to specifically say whole grain on the product in order to count. Any packages that say enriched flour is not considered whole-grain, rather whole wheat would be instead. Little identifiers like that may be hard to differentiate but once you get in the groove of it, it becomes easier.

Eating the right foods when we go out to eat helps our health too. Eating salads at McDonalds with your burger can help supplement the bad with good. Doing this could help cholesterol and blood pressure stabilization. If you’re in the area a few months down the road and you just forgot to brush your teeth a time or two and need a clean-up orthodontics in Richmond Hill can give you a brighter smile. Orthodontics in Richmond Hill will give you the affordable pricing you need with braces as back-up if needed. Eating right can give you the proper vitamins and minerals to help give you strong teeth giving a strong smile.

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