Design Ideas for Kitchen Renovations in Edmonton

Design Ideas for Kitchen Renovations in Edmonton

Design Ideas for Kitchen Renovations in Edmonton

Renovating your kitchen is one of the few home improvement projects that can really add value to your home over the long run. Should you decide to put your home on the market, your investments into kitchen renovations in Edmonton will have been recouped, plus more.

And besides, a new looking kitchen just has a way of improving your quality of life at home. You end up wanting to use the kitchen more, which should ideally lead to you making healthier home-cooked meals—it’s a win-win for everyone. Furthermore, renovating kitchen is a way for you to clean up the whole place and improve your home’s hygiene.

Here are some tips for Kitchen Renovations In Edmonton to get you started.

1. Stick to High Quality Materials

Do you really want cheap materials in an area of your home where knives and other potentially dangerous implements are stored and used regularly? Quality materials are responsible for cupboard doors and drawer slides that stay closed, cabinets that don’t fall apart after just a few months, and sink fixtures that don’t rust.

A good rule of thumb is to stay away from particle board, laminate, and melamine whenever you can. These items are probably fine for office use, but in kitchens with heat and moisture? Not so much.

2. Figure Out your Cabinet Heights and Design

For kitchens with low ceilings (think eight feet), it’s best to install cabinets onto the ceiling, as this frees up extra wall space you can use for open shelves and even artwork pieces. If you have a cavernous kitchen with a ceiling beyond eight feet, a good rule of thumb is to leave a foot-and-a-half of space above the cabinets.

You also want to think about whether you want to paint or stain your cabinetry. Wood cabinets with stained finishes tend to be more forgiving, but come with the drawback of looking dated a lot more quickly. On the other hand, painting, which can be tedious, can give your cabinetry more personality—depending on how you paint them of course.

3. Think Hard about your Countertop

It’s easier to decorate around a countertop that exudes a contemporary feel, so its’ a good idea to choose soapstone, Kirkstone slate, Wiarton/gray limestone, and even plastic laminate with wood edges—these options can be the foundation of any modern-looking kitchen.

4. Want an Island? Think Ergonomics

An island takes up a lot of space in the middle of your kitchen, so be careful when setting up one. As tempting as it is to have a cooktop, and dishwasher and sink combination in the middle of your kitchen, think carefully if the island creates a cramped look. For smaller kitchens, islands with an open look give the illusion of spaciousness; you can go with harvest tables with visible legs to create this effect.

5. Sometimes, Less is More

One mistake many homeowners make with kitchen renovations in Edmonton is adding too many design accents, like plaster moldings on drawers and cabinets, intricate stove pediments, pendant lights, and more. When redecorating your kitchen, remember that its theme should flow naturally, that is, it should be in sync with the rest of the house.

6. Don’t Splurge on Expensive Appliances

If you must splurge, splurge on the items you use most. Sure, that KitchenAid mixer looks cool and all, but how often do you really bake? Will you get a good cost-per-use from that item?

For many kitchens, all that’s needed are the basics. A stainless-steel range for instance, is a staple that handles most cooking jobs with ease—it’s also an elegant focal point in any kitchen.

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