5 unusual steps to dispose food waste while helping environment & people

5 unusual steps to dispose food waste while helping environment & people

5 unusual steps to dispose food waste while helping environment & people

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The recent news about the deteriorating condition of our environment brought about by global warning has been very alarming. Left unchecked, it would appear that the impact of this serious problem would be felt earlier than expected. This is a wake-up call for everyone to do his or her share in helping our environment.

Going over the possible ways in which we can contribute, I was very pleased to learn that we can contribute to the solution of this problem by following the proper management of the waste disposal of food. It should be noted that any food that is not properly disposed may turn into methane gas, a noted substance that contributes to the green house effect, therefore hastening global warming.

If not for our benefit, we should do our share in the preservation of our environment for our children and future generations. In our own small ways, we can help by following these suggestions in the proper disposal of food waste.

5 unusual steps to dispose food waste

Share Leftover Food

Instead of throwing away good that will eventually turn to waste, leftover food can be shared to those who may have use for it. There are a lot of people and organizations who will welcome these contributions.

Use Waste Food as Compost

Food scraps such as fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, eggshells, and tea bags can be very useful when used as fertilizer. Instead of allowing these wastes to rot and cause an offensive smell, you can compost these or give away to people or organizations that have much use for it. However, be reminded not to include meat, dairy products, or used oil.

Hand Over Waste Food to Feed Animals

It would be a very good idea to contact local farmers who may be interested in using your waste food to feed their livestock. This method of disposal has been endorsed by government agencies. If you have pets in your house, it would not hurt giving them your leftover. Just be sure that the food you are giving them will not cause any diseases.

Practice Good Waste Disposal

As a homeowner or a food business owner, you can contribute by following good waste management practices. Securing meats and other foods that rot easily and making sure they are disposed on the day garbage is collected is a good practice to follow. Rotting food does not only harm environment but attract pests that may cause or spread diseases. Proper disposal of cooking oils and fats by collecting these substances in a jar should be made a regular procedure.

The Important Step

And very important, there should be the proper disposal bins in your premises. A number of establishments who put priority in waste management, such as M & M Services, will gladly provide assistance in the proper disposal of waste food. You can contact these firms and they will gladly assist in making sure the waste food is properly disposed.

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