4 secrets to whole-day energy revealed in this article

4 secrets to whole-day energy revealed in this article

4 secrets to whole-day energy revealed in this article

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Even at my age, I still consider myself as a man on the go. And I do not rely on caffeine or sport drinks to give me that energy boost or to maintain my high activity all day long. Only recently, I was able to drive what seemed as endless hours without feeling fatigued or the need for rest. Of course, credit must also be given to Gerry’s Automotive for keeping the vehicle in tip-top condition, allowing me that non-stop trip in great comfort and with confidence that no untoward incident may occur.

4 secrets to whole day energy

Realizing the Importance of Food as Energy

While we may have been taught early on of the importance of food, not too many of us really appreciate the value of having the right food not just for good health but also to keep up our energy. It might be a case of “better late than never” but nonetheless I am so grateful that I have realized the importance of food as an energy source. And it would please me so much to see others have that high-energy level so I am sharing here the foods that make me a go-go person.


Vegetables have long been known as good sources of vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin B, magnesium, and iron, which can give you that energy boost. And these nutrients and vitamins are very effective in raising your blood sugar at the soonest possible time since they are easily digested and absorbed by the bloodstream. So it might be a good idea to stock up now on those green vegetables, carrots, spinach, asparagus, and potatoes.


There is good reason why your mother insisted on you eating cereals. These are great foods for giving you that lift and since they tend to digest slowly, this energy is kept for an extended period. And with lots of fiber that are low on glycemic index, you get to have that steady supply of energy to last you the whole day.


Eggs have now truly made a comeback. Experts say this morning fare may not really be harmful if taken moderately. And what is more, eggs are great sources of energy and contain a high quantity of protein. Most of you may be aware that protein is the body’s building block, affecting every function of the body including that energy you need.


Like vegetables, fruits are valuable sources of energy mainly due to the fructose level and vitamins they all bring along. Various foods provide the needed vitamins and minerals that can give you a whole-energy and at the same time boosting that immune system, keeping diseases at bay. And while we at, you may just want to include nuts, seeds, and beans.

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